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Coming soon - DRAWING TERRITORIES - صبر

Since he was a child, karim had one model of admiration - His gifted painter, uncle Assem. Karim was eight years old when Assem died of cancer at the age of 29. Both are from the Abu-Shakra family of Um al-Fahm, who had grown five talented painters along 50 years. 
When the Ein Harod Museum curates the first comprehensive exhibition of Palestinian artists in Israel, Karim embarks on a journey to interpret the profile of the prodigy in the group.  
In the seventies, Assem abandon
ed the village, studied in Tel Aviv, and lived in humble poverty while paper for drawing he had difficulty obtaining. In his paintings, he appropriated the Katkus as a Palestinian symbol. A karim journey in the footsteps of the one family painters 'Assem, Walid, Sa'id and Farid. 


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