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Award winning Israeli filmmaker Tuvi Arbel has been active for over 40 years in the international TV and new media.

After his masters in NYU and Brooklyn College, he produced hundreds of factual TV programs as Head of content in the Israeli cable Industry and over 30 documentaries for the Israeli media and for Nat Geo, PBS, ZDF, ARD. He is also experienced in animation supervising and new media.

Arbel's films "Wings of Change" and "Home sweet home" have won awards in festivals worldwide while his film "The Kozalchic Affair" was nominated for the Israeli Oscar and won the Grand Prix at Jewish Motifs film festival Warsaw 2016.

Lately Arbel Television runs a weekly factual magazine on Makan Israeli Arabic Tv station. The series dealing with social media in the Arab word. Arbel Television was also engages lately in two German-Israeli co-productions and a local series about Excellence in Education.

Arbel has been produced three episodes for IBA's 15 episode archeological flagship series on the history of the land of Israel.



ABU SHAKRA - A new film starts in July for the Israeli Arabic channel MAKAN.

In a couple of days we start filming the documentary:
Abu Shakra, which tells the story of five Arab painters of the same family in the city of Oum El fahem in the crucial crossroad when an Israeli museum commits its halls to five Palestinian painters for the first time. This is a declaration of legitimacy for their identification as Palestinian artists who have an emotional and artistic affinity for the displacement of their land in 1948 – The Nakba, its results and the status of an Arab in Israel.

[Above: painting of Farid Abu Shakra]

When an Israeli museum first opened all its halls to five Palestinian artists, it was a breakthrough and a critical time in defining the controversial term 'Palestinian painting'. While most Israeli Jews reject the Palestinian identity of Israeli Arabs, it is time to reconsider the place of this artistic genre in Israeli culture.

[Above: painting of Farid Abu Shakra]

Two curators, a Jewish and an Arab, are researching the subject in preparation for writing the catalog and setting up the exhibition in October. What relationship will develop between Dr. Galia Bar-Or and Dr. Hosni Shahada, curators from different identities, attitudes, and backgrounds.? How are they diverse in defining what is 'Palestinian art'? What disagreements will arise regarding the selection of works and the catalog's formulations? What relationship will they develop among the three artists who will not always agree with the curators' choice?

Dr. Shahada says: "Until a few years ago, Israeli Arabs were afraid to use the term 'Palestinian' They used the official terminology 'Israeli Arab,' not any national identity".

Painters from the Abu Shakra family from the Arab city of Umm al-Fahm, being Palestinian, define their art with an affinity for their destroyed Palestinian village and their family's evacuation in 1948 [The Nakba]. Two of those who had died, Walid and Assem, adopted the olive tree and the sabra shrub as Palestinian symbols. The two were acknowledged and had solo exhibitions at the Israel Museum and the Tel Aviv Museum.

[Above: Karim Abu Shakra illustrates his uncle Aasem, Engraving of Walid Abu Shakra and a painting by Aasem]

Recent Works

Recent Works

Production Services


We are the Israeli partner for the Global Production Network, offering first rate production services to industry leading clients. 

Whether you are looking for a small camera team or a full production service - including research, fixing, line production, location scouting, casting and the hiring of local creative talents - we can accommodate you.

Over the course of 40 years, we have built an extensive network in a wide range of areas, including the Israeli army and all security and intelligence bodies, Palestinians and the Arab life, social conflicts, art, archaeology, science and politics. You can rest assured that we can bring to the table the most interesting and appropriate interviewees, including ex-Prime ministers and ex Mossad heads, and identify the most fascinating locations, thanks to our connection with people on the ground and our excellent access to unique places.

Selected production companies we recently worked with include:

  • UFA – Germany

  • FilmTank – Germany

  • PBS – USA

  • Provibis – Germany

  • Zev Guber production – USA






Warsaw Jewish Film Festival 2016

Grand Prix - The Kozalchic Affair

Dir: Ron Ninio


Jakarta Peace Film Festival 2016

Award of Merit - Wings of Change

Director: Tuvi Arbel


Moscow Film Festival 2016

Nominee - The Kozalchic Affair

Dir: Ron Ninio


LA Shorts 2015

Award of Merit - Home Sweet Home

Dir: Yafim Graboi

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